1. Some random flowers on 35mm to finish up a roll.


  2. Promotional shot for the band Rogue Valley for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty soundtrack.



  3. Random shot my daughter and I did. Styled by her!


  4. New work. A promo shot and edit for Grizzly Coolers. www.grizzlycoolers.com


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  5. Some new work. Something a little different!


  6. Some new work.


  7. Some light testing for a shoot.



  9. Shot from a while ago that was never posted. 

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  10. Another in a series of experimental stuff


  11. A little throwback halloween shot. 

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  12. Shot, Composite and edit for Grizzly Coolers and Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Series. 

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  13. This is just one tiny piece of a recent edit. Sometimes one random layer in the photoshop file can jump out at me and be more interesting than the final product!

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  15. PDN Editors Pick.

    Emerging Photographer Magazine weekly editor’s pick!


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